Monday, 4 July 2011

Blickensderfer Collection

Dactyle Aluminium. Serial No 163665.

A Wide Carriage Blick No 7. Serial No 108198.

Blick No 8. Serial No 131904.

A "Baby Rem". Serial No KV 80395

A Blick Aluminium No 6. Serial No 164573.

A Blick Aluminium No 5. Serial No 141488.

An Early Blick Aluminium Featherweight. Serial No 147453.

A Later Model Blick Aluminium Featherweight. Serial No 188445.

An Early Blick No 5.  Serial No 2330.

A French "Dactyl" Earliest Model. Serial No 221.

A German "Weltblick". A Basic No 5. Serial No 157727.

A Standard Blick No 5. Serial No 116263.

A "Home" Blick. A Very Basic No 5. Serial No 179639.

A Later Blick No 8. With 9 Key Tab. Serial No 153194.

An Early Blick No 8. With 12 Key Tab. Serial No 125323.

A Blick No 9. Similar To The Late No 8. Serial No 188948.

A Special Gold Plated Blick No 7. Very Rare. Serial No 105025.

A Blick Aluminium No 8. With 12 Key Tab. A Very Scarce Machine. Serial No 149258.

A Blick 90. Serial No K996.

A Blick Standard No 7. Serial No 114500.

A Blick "Oriental" With Lever To Change Direction Of Carriage. Serial No 178016.

A Blick Special No 8 With Crudely Adapted Ribbon Mechanism. Serial No 141411

A Blick No 8 With Long Carriage & 12 Key Tab. Serial No 123466.

A Blick Standard No 7. Serial No168519.

An Early Blick No7 With No Paper Support. Serial No 40350.


  1. What an excellent assembly of Blicks! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Where do you find the serial number on a Blick 7?

  3. The serial number is on a raised metal area on the base plate underneath the platten - could be on the left or right. There is sometimes another number directly etched onto the base plate.

  4. May I use the photo of the Dactyle for publication? kind regards.

    1. Yes you may - please acknowledge the source. Thank you for asking. Please let me know what the publication is.

  5. Does anyone know a good resource for obtaining a metal badge for one of these Blick Aluminum machines