Monday, 28 November 2011

Fitch Typewriter Parts for Restoration

The Fitch typewriter was invented by Eugene Fitch of Des Moines, Iowa. Fitch formed the Fitch Typewriter Company in about 1888 but perhaps operated there for only a few years and most machines were made in Brooklyn. Fitch had moved to the UK by 1896 and a new Fitch company was established in London. The machines were marketed as the 'English Fitch' or Fitch 2. Fitch himself later returned to the US where he worked with the Union Typewriter Company.

I have some parts for the English Fitch which seem to come from the upper mechanism i.e. the  X shaped cross members and a bar that sits beneath them.

These items are for sale - please contact me for prices inclusive of shipping. (

Cross member:


The Fitch Inker below has now been SOLD

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